Kofola Group

Kofola ČeskoSlovensko is part of the Kofola Group, one of the leading producers and distributors of non-alcoholic beverages in Central and Eastern Europe. Besides the traditional markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia where the Group is a leader, the Group is also present in Poland, Slovenia and Croatia with limited activities in Russia. The Group produces drinks with care and love in seven production plants and key brands include Kofola, Jupí, Jupík, Rajec, Radenska, Semtex and Vinea. On selected markets the Group distributes among others Rauch, Evian or Badoit products and under the licence produces RC Cola or Orangina.

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Results of voting and Minutes from General Meeting

The General Meeting of Kofola ČeskoSlovensko a.s. was held on 5 June 2019.

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Dividend approved by the General Meeting

The General Meeting of Kofola ČeskoSlovensko a.s. held on 5 June 2019 approved the dividend of CZK 13.50 per 1 share before tax.

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Kofola reports better first quarter on a year-on-year basis and is on course to meet the year-round goals

This year, the Kofola Group started excellently and increased all key economic indicators in the first quarter of this year. The revenues of the Group increased by 7.6%, the EBITDA rose by 12.2 %, the operating result by 9.9%. The positive result is primarily due to the growth in the strategic Gastro and Impuls channels in the CzechoSlovak market and above-standard performance in the Adriatic region. In the first quarter, the Kofola Group sold Hoop Polska, a Polish company, allowing time to be invested in and energy to be focused on the development of growing markets and activities.

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