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Kofola reports better first quarter on a year-on-year basis and is on course to meet the year-round goals

This year, the Kofola Group started excellently and increased all key economic indicators in the first quarter of this year. The revenues of the Group increased by 7.6%, the EBITDA rose by 12.2 %, the operating result by 9.9%. The positive result is primarily due to the growth in the strategic Gastro and Impuls channels in the CzechoSlovak market and above-standard performance in the Adriatic region. In the first quarter, the Kofola Group sold Hoop Polska, a Polish company, allowing time to be invested in and energy to be focused on the development of growing markets and activities.

Jannis Samaras, the CEO of the Group, says about the results: “We have great numbers, especially thanks to our focus on the business development in Gastro and Impuls segments whose share in total revenues is growing to our satisfaction. We have been very pleased that the growth of all key indicators were achieved despite the fact that the weather was worse in the first quarter compared to last year, and that one of the sales peaks – Easter – was not until April this year. The excellent result in the first quarter suggests that we are well on course to meet the year-round goals, too.“

In the first quarter, the CzechoSlovak market generated revenues higher by 4.1% y/y. In the HoReCa segment, Kofola recorded a record-high market share in the Czech and Slovak Republics in the first quarter; in Slovakia, it exceeded 40% for the first time, with a significant contribution from draught Kofola. In addition to the growth in sales, other important news from the Slovak market includes the start of sale of, and the launch of a marketing campaign for Kláštorná Kalcia, a natural mineral water with high content of calcium and magnesium.

The Adriatic region once again produced a positive result, with the Group achieving a double-figure sales growth in this market. The growth of 12.5% is mainly due to sales of Radenska mineral water, which will celebrate its impressive 150-year anniversary this year, as well as of Lipički Studenac, the Croatian mineral water.

Both the above-mentioned regions, the Czechoslovak and the Adriatic, generated 87.3% of the Group's total revenues.

The Group’s EBITDA increased by CZK 12 839 thousands, which represents an increase of 12.2%. The CzechoSlovak market and the Adriatic region together can boast an EBITDA higher by 17.5%,  with this indicator increasing to CZK 121 158 thousands.

In addition to the positive results, another key item of news from the first quarter is the fact that the Kofola Group completed the sale of Hoop Polska in March. The new owner of Hoop Polska is ZMB Capital, Poland, which produces Ustronianka waters. The transaction included the production plant in Kutno, trademark rights, employees and the distribution network. Thus, for the first time, the Kofola Group reports its results from continuing operations, i.e. excluding the economic activities of Hoop Polska, which was, however, part of the Group and consolidated until 18th March 2019. 

On the basis of the excellent results in 2018, the Board of Directors of Kofola ČeskoSlovensko has recommended that the General Meeting approve the dividend of CZK 13.50 per share before tax for 2018, which represents a dividend profit of 4.5%. The General Meeting has been convened for 5th June 2019.

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