Information on dividends for 2021

23. 9. 2022

Share ISIN CZ009000121
Dividend per share 11.30 CZK
Record date 30.09.2022
Payment day 07.11.2022
Paying agent Česká spořitelna, a.s.

The per rollam General Meeting of Kofola CeskoSlovensko a.s (“the Company”) has approved

the payment of a dividend within the period from 5 September 2022 to 20 September 2022.


Dividend of CZK 11.30 per one Company’s share before tax is attributable to each common registered share.


The relevant date for exercising the right to dividend is 30 September 2022.


The dividend will be payable from 7 November 2022 to 7 November 2025.