The Supervisory Board (SB) is responsible for supervising the conduct of and providing advice to the Board of Directors (BoD) and for supervising the business generally. The members of the SB are elected by the General Meeting.

A member of the SB is appointed for a period of five years. A member of the SB may be reappointed.

The SB consists of four members. The SB appoints a chairperson from amongst its members. The General Meeting may at any time suspend or dismiss SB members.

The SB holds at least one meeting every calendar quarter.

René Sommer
In the SB since 17 June 2015

René received secondary education. In 1992 he started to cooperate with SP Vrachos, which was taken over by Santa Napoje, the predecessor of the Kofola group. René held many different positions in the group’s structures in financial, HR and legal departments. He also held the position of CEO in Kofola CZ. Prior to joining the Kofola group, he worked, among others, as the Project Manager of Production for ČKD Polovodiče Praha (until 1990) and ran his own grocery chain (starting from 1990).

Moshy Cohen-Nehemia
In the SB since 15 September 2015

Moshy graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the Open University in Israel in 1995 and completed an MBA programme at Ben Gurion University in 2000. He joined the Kofola group in 2014 as a member of the Supervisory Board of Kofola S.A. Moshe gained professional experience in the beverages industry at Jafora Tabori (Israel) being part of the US Grey Group (1997-2005), RC Cola International (USA) (from 2005), M&Z Beverages Limited (BVI) (from 2007), Mesa Fine Foods Ltd (Israel) (from 2014), being responsible for strategic marketing, cooperation with strategic partners, and managing business development projects on foreign markets.

Petr Pravda
In the SB since 17 June 2015

Petr graduated from Charles University in Prague in biophysics in 1985 and also studied biophysics and chemistry. He started cooperation with the Kofola group in 2000 as a quality manager at Santa Napoje. He was promoted to Director of Research and Development, Quality Control Department in Kofola CS. Prior to joining the Kofola group, he worked in laboratories of the agriculture industry and at a regional hygienic authority where he become chief of laboratories analysing food, water, soils, etc.

Tomáš Jendřejek
In the SB since 30 November 2018

Tomáš received secondary education and gained a CIMA certificate from the Czech Institute of Marketing in 2010. He established his relationship with Kofola in 1994 as a sales representative and after several promotions he became the Sales Director in 2002. Since 2006 he has been responsible for procurement of the group. Before joining the Kofola group he had worked for eight years in the plant producing the tannery industry machines.